Notion Calendar | All You Need To Know

notion calendar

Key Features

  • Connect to Google Calendar
  • Connect events to Notion pages
  • View database items as events
  • Join virtual meetings from the menu bar
  • Manage with keyboard shortcuts and command menu
  • Auto-block time on multiple calendars
  • Share availability with others

A Calendar Connected to Your Work for More Efficient Time Management

  • Bring all your work together in one place. Connect relevant documents, project timelines, and task due dates to your calendar to streamline time management.
  • Access everything you need without app-hopping. Search and connect Notion docs to meetings directly within Notion Calendar, keeping all the necessary context at your fingertips.
  • View and manage database items as events. Deadlines, project milestones, and other database items seamlessly integrate into your calendar view for a comprehensive overview of your work.
  • Enjoy deep integrations with your favorite tools. Notion Calendar works flawlessly with Google Calendar, Zoom, Google Meet, and other essential productivity apps.

Designed to Promote Focus

  • Stay in the flow and avoid productivity-draining context-switching. View your day’s schedule and join virtual meetings directly from your computer’s menu bar, eliminating the need to constantly switch between apps.
  • Keep your hands on the keyboard and your eyes on the task. Manage your calendar efficiently with intuitive keyboard shortcuts and a command menu, minimizing distractions and maximizing focus.

One Calendar View for All the Ways You Spend Time

  • Unify your work and personal life in one seamless calendar. See all your commitments, from meetings and project deadlines to doctor’s appointments and social events, in a single, unified view.
  • Eliminate double-bookings with auto-blocking. Notion Calendar automatically blocks time on both your work and personal calendars for events, ensuring you’re never overcommitted.
  • Simplify scheduling with a built-in tool. Share your availability with others and allow them to book time directly, with automatic blocking to prevent conflicts.


Q: How do I connect Notion Calendar to my Google Calendar?

  • A: Simply go to the settings within Notion Calendar and follow the prompts to connect your Google Calendar account.

Q: Can I connect Notion Calendar to other calendars?

  • A: Currently, Notion Calendar only supports integration with Google Calendar. However, the team is actively exploring integrations with other popular calendar platforms.

Q: Is there a cost to use Notion Calendar?

  • A: No, Notion Calendar is completely free to use for all Notion users.

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